Implant Dentistry Helps you Smile

There are many different reasons that tooth loss will occur. As people age, the integrity of the teeth becomes weakened. Due to a lack of care, there may be cavities or periodontal disease. Sometimes there is both and this is difficult to treat. With the right fillings and procedures, everything can be set near to normal again.

On the other hand, if the dental condition is left to deteriorate, then it will be impossible to avoid tooth loss after a period of time. Even root canals do not always save teeth. You may already know this if you ever lost a root canal tooth before. It is all very uncomfortable to feel or even just to think about. At the same time, it is a fact of life that all must face.

As you are losing your teeth, it does strike you that they will never grow back. For some, right after the extractions, they feel like it is no big deal. That is, until the food chewing is difficult, they don’t. Once you realize this, it is either going to be a matter of living with it or doing something about it.

implant dentistry journal

Dentists who are in the know follow important journals like implant dentistry journal because they know what to do about lost teeth. The very best thing you can do is have them replaced with dental implants. These are just like real teeth, only they are never going to get cavities again and they are permanent, unlike dentures.

Implants are easy to get. All it takes is a dentist who is skilled with implant dentistry. They place a support peg in your jaw where the tooth was and then fix a fake tooth to that support. It is easy. The false tooth looks just like the real ones.